059. SHIPS
(From V.Visotzkiy)

Ships - will stand, for a while,
And, then, - take their course;
But they always return -
Through infamous weather...

Half-a-year will not pass -
And I will coming back,
That again move away,
That again move away,
For half-year.

Everyone coming back, -
Except best of my friends,
Except very beloved,
Very devoted women.

Everyone coming back -
Except those, I need most.
I cannot believe Fate,
I cannot believe Fate,
But myself - even less that.

And I want to believe,
That it - is not a truth,
That desire: to burn ships -
Soon go out of fashion.

I will, surely, come back -
In the midst of my friends.
I will, certainly, sing,
I will, certainly, sing -
It not passed half-a-year.

Январь 28, 2000